Awards – valuable marketing activity or inconvenience?

How many awards are you planning on entering this year?

Sometimes it can feel like there a few too many awards ceremonies in certain sectors, and too many Linked in posts of winners in black ties and ballgowns on LinkedIn toasting success at one awards dinner or another.

It doesn’t feel the same in the Wills and Probate sector – perhaps we prefer to keep a lower profile or maybe we just aren’t as keen to self-publicise? If this is you then read on.

Those Solicitors and Will Writers who win or are shortlisted for the awards receive the following benefits:

Increased profile in your chosen markets
Win or lose, in the lead up to the event, during the event and afterwards, the name of your business will be splashed around, with industry experts, clients and potential clients becoming aware of your business name delivering a welcome boost to your brand.

Reinforcing your reputation
Being recognised by a credible and high quality awards process gives your potential clients reassurance that you are a quality firm that will deliver a quality service to them.

Effective as part of your overall marketing strategy
Equally if the award is local to your area, and you are marketing to the local area, then this can boost your chances of being instructed. Similarly, if you want to be known for something in particular – for example the excellent service and advice you provide – then selecting an award that focuses on that area lends credibility.

Greater influence through association
An award can raise the profile of your company; the effect can be stratospheric! Positioning your firm in the presence of similar industry greats will certainly improve your firm’s profile.

Publicity opportunities and increasing profits
A nomination alone will allow you to spread your firm’s message far and wide. Your company will benefit from the awards’ press coverage, marketing collateral and social media coverage. These benefits alone will more than cover the entry fee and will expose your firm to new sections of the market.

All of this could lead to more customer leads, greater conversion rates and improved profitability.

So why not enter? You’ve probably got a stronger chance of being shortlisted and maybe even of winning than you might think. It can give you a platform for your marketing for months to come. Making a submission is generally easier than you think as well – you’ll be given clear instructions and guidelines as to what information to include – and once you get going you’ll probably find you have more to say than you can fit in in the available space!

The British Wills and Probate Awards are the eminent choice for businesses in the wills and estates sector. Call 01829 307 505 to talk to Josh Hall about how the awards work and how to go about entering, or email [email protected]

The closing date is 14th June. Don’t leave it until the last minute – give yourself a week and reflect on your entry before submitting.

Click here to download The British Wills & Probate Awards Flyer.

Good luck!

Karen Babington

Karen Babington

Managing Director

Karen has over 20 years’ experience in the legal, property and mortgage market and co-owns leading trade publication Today’s Wills & Probate. You can sign-up to the FREE Weekly newsletter here.

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